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What Is KineMaster?

Kinemaster Pro Apk is a best android Video Editing App. Download Android’s KineMaster Mod V5 Apk with every single Pro component and No Watermark. Kinemaster is a useful asset for Android video altering. Like other Android applications, the free form of the KineMaster Lite Pro App likewise has a downside. The free KineMaster’s venture has the watermark. In any case, we are giving you the full form with all choices, that excessively totally free.

KineMaster Mod APK offers some expert level authority over the portable altering process for experts and novices too. One with no information on altering can likewise figure out how to alter without hardly lifting a finger. On your Android cell phones, you can do astonishing alters, movement following and vivified outlines that were before just fit for being done on your PC. Here you get all the Premium alternatives without Watermark to improve the media without going through cash.”Download Latest Android Mod Apks From ModdedApks.Co”.

Video editing is one of the more advanced needs of editing. Often people will take photos or selfies and then use the tools to make it more “deep.” But when you want to do it with videos, it’s hard. In fact, it is still possible but only with concise videos about 20 seconds with the filters available only. For longer videos, a stronger application is definitely needed. KineMaster Gold is an extremely good choice for amateurs who just want to make a video for fun or even semi-professionals can use it as a post-production application.
“Get KineMaster App From Google Playstore

Easy To Edit Videos On KineMaster Pro Apk

What’s New in

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
  • New Premium Colour Filters.
  • Video Split ✂️ Support Upto 0.1 Sec.
  • Video Speed Upto 4x, 8x, 16x.
  • Unlimited Video Layer.
  • New Blending Feature.
  • Export Upto 4k @60Fps.
  • Without Watermark.
  • New Premium Transitions.
  • New Premium Overlays.
  • Speed Optimized.
  • Video Sizes 16:9, 9:16, 1:1.
  • Updated Asset Store.
  • All Premium Features Unlocked.

Download KineMaster Pro Apk v4.11 APK

File Size78.0MB
Last Updated11 September 2019
KineMaster Pro Apk V4.10
KineMaster Pro V4.8

Download KineMaster Pro Apk V4.10 APK

Please Remember that this new version not support Android Pie, So you have to use V4.8 From below download button.


Download KineMaster Pro Apk V4.8 APK

This Version supports all Android phones.

Different Types Of KineMaster Mod Apk

KineMaster Lite
KineMaster Black
KineMaster Diamond
KineMaster Green

Kinemaster Lite Apk is a lightweight application and version of Kinemaster Pro Apk which is a premium version hence and best for low-performance smartphones.

Guys in Balck Kinemaster Mod Apk has every feature and stuff is the same as of kinemaster Diamond Mod Apk. But the interface of kinemaster black is different than other mod versions

Kinemaster Diamond Mod Apk is better than Kinemaster Apk because in this app you can reverse your video, Video blending mode, speed up to 4x,8x and 16x, also you can see best Fonts, export your video without watermark

If you want to make amazing and cool videos by combining Music, video, and photo so you do this with Green Kinemaster. If you like to add these features in your video like-  effects, scene, sticker, clip graphics, chroma-key, blending modes, speed control, subtitles, transitions, color filters, Rotate & mirroring, cut, Trim, and many more so Download Green Kinemaster Apk

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kinemaster pro apk

How to Install Kinemaster Pro APK on Android

Installing Kinemaster Pro on an Android device is very easy and simple. There is two way to install the app on your device. In the first one, you will have to download and install the app directly from the Play Store(Free Version) and in the second one, you will have to download APK file from here and install it manually(Pro Version).

To manually install any third-party app you will need to allow unknown source permission from your device.

  • Go to Settings of your Android device
  • Click on Security
  • There you will find the Unknown Sources option.
  • Click and Turn it on.
  • Now download the latest Kinemaster pro-v4.9 APK.
  • Click on the KineMaster Pro APK file to install.
  • Now Click on Install.
  • Wait for a few seconds and you will see Kinemaster installed on your device
  • Click on Done and Launch the app to start using the Kinemaster Pro application.

Done, Now you have successfully installed the KineMaster PRO APK for Free. You may have to check the unknown source download to make it install. Sometimes the device preferences don’t allow to install apps from unknown sources. You don’t need to worry. It is safe and free. Good Luck, your video editing game has started.

Key Features of Kinemaster Pro Apk

It Supports all androids regardless of their rendition.

Offers outline per outline cutting, grafting, cutting, and cutting.

Changes impacts, for example, 3D, crash, blur in and out, and so forth are available.

Chroma key is additionally present.

Moment see whenever

Movement controls, for example, accelerate and slo-mo impact are likewise considered.

Offers encompass audio cue

A dominant part of various media, activitys and topics are contained in it.

KineMaster Mod Apk Features

Premium Mod Apk

All Features Enabled

No Watermark

All Media Supported

4K Video Editing and Export support.


Chroma Key:

This is probably the best element ever as having a capacity as a chroma key gives you a great deal of recordings proposed highlights. Chroma key is utilized to change the foundation of your recordings as a Green screen out of sight, which can supplant anything in the earth. It is a superb component as by utilizing this you can make your recordings look damn noteworthy. Having a component like a chroma key was before a piece of huge pc programming Kinemaster Lite Pro has made it resemble a cakewalk. Enormous Hollywood motion pictures additionally utilize Green Screen impacts to supplant the foundation. You can utilize chroma key impact in Kinemaster Pro to make your recordings look proficient. It is clear and easy to use to utilize.

Changes Effects:

Have you at any point thought about how these Bollywood and Hollywood movies utilize enhancements between their video slides, which makes it looks phenomenal. These are called change impacts, which can Be promptly utilized in Kinemaster Pro. A film change is a strategy utilized in film altering and video altering after generation process that consolidates scenes or shots. Most movies will likewise incorporate particular utilization of different advances, for the most part transmitting a tone or state of mind, recommending the progression of time, or separate pieces of the story. It offers an assortment of impacts, for example, wipe in, crash, blur, break down and considerably more. All these just shy of a single tick on your Android gadget.


It is one more most huge preferred position while altering your video.

Kinemaster Pro:

encourages you get a powerful measure of activitys during your work on your alter stage. You can include different scenes accessible or can even download enhancements from outer sources.

Multi-Track Audio:

KineMaster places you in the blending corner of the studio. It enabled you to include and play at least 8 sound tracks simultaneously. It is utilized while you are altering a rap melody or a joined music video.

Expansion of Multiple Layers:

KineMaster underpins boundless layers of content, picture, penmanship, and overlay, just as up to ten layers of video (on gadgets bolstered). You can undoubtedly modify the layer position and timing and vitalize layers utilizing preset activity impacts or keyframe liveliness.

Voice Recording:

KineMaster enables you to review your undertaking to record sound, making it simple to add voiceover tracks to any video. On the off chance that you are making an analysis video or a persuasive video the this is an extraordinary element. Your video will continue playing the manner in which you need, and simultaneously, your voice over additionally gets arranged.

KineMaster Pro Apk


The first thing you notice is that like other mobile video editors, KineMaster doesn’t have a media section that lists a project’s available clips. Instead, it relies on your device’s camera roll. This means that you need to import the clips you want to use as you’re using them.

It’s not the most ideal of solutions because you can’t preview your footage, and set in and out points for the portion you’d like to use; you have to do that after having inserted the clips in your project. This seems to be a universal limitation of working with mobile devices, but it doesn’t stop experienced editors from being frustrated by it.

The working interface is cleverly designed. To the left is the Action Bar whose tools change depending on what’s selected in the Timeline.

The Timeline itself is at the bottom – although if you’re used to editing in other apps and on other platforms, be advised that the convention is reversed: if you want a clip to overlap another, you must make sure the former is placed underneath the latter. This takes a bit of getting used to.

The Media Panel is the large circle to the right, where you can import media, record a voice over, create new layers for various types of overlays, delete a selected clip, or access the KineMaster Asset Store.

Selecting a clip not only alters the Action menu, it also replaces the Media Panel with contextual tools. For instance, tap on some video footage in your timeline to get editing tools, or choose a text layer to gain access to the font selection, colour and formatting tools. It’s a very intuitive process which allows you to pack a lot of power in the small phone screen.


Contingent upon the intensity of your gadget, KineMaster enables you to take a shot at various layers of video in a venture. Overlays (like content and stickers for example) are less computationally concentrated and KineMaster seems to let you have the same number of those as you need.

You approach a plenty or instruments, similar to shading modification sliders, trimming, turn, mistiness, and there’s even a chroma key apparatus. You have a slider to control the speed of some random clasp.

Changes and impacts

On the off chance that you like advances, adding them to your undertaking is extraordinarily simple, in spite of the fact that this should be possible exclusively on the Primary Timeline. When two clasps are by one another, an enormous ‘+’ shows up where they join. Tap on it to uncover the rundown of accessible advances, sorted out by classifications. You don’t seem, by all accounts, to be ready to modify a change’s term be that as it may.

Impacts (like liveliness and gaussian haze which are introduced as a matter of course) are applied by means of the Media Panel and are put under different layers in the Timeline. Should you be vigilant for extra impacts, you can discover them through the KineMaster Asset Store.

FAQ of Kinemaster PRO/MOD APK

Q: How Can I Remove The “KineMaster” Watermark?

Ans: To Remove watermark from kinemaster App, You have toDownload Kinemaster PRO APK from website.

Q: How Can I download KineMaster Pro apk for Free?

Ans. To use Kinemaster Pro Video editor for Free Visit here( and download the latest APK.

Q: Will Kinemaster Support 4K Video Editing?

Ans. Yes, But make sure your device also support 4K videos.

Q: Will Kinemaster PRO Apk work on Xioami or Mi Devices?

Ans. Yes, Kinemaster Mod APK will work almost 99.00% of every Android device.

Q: Will Kinemaster Pro Mod APK available for IOS device?

Ans. No. Currently, we don’t have any Kinemaster MOD Apk for IOS device.

Q: How to Download Kinemaster Lite APK?

Ans. To download Kinemaster Lite apk visit 



As you may have read above, it is the best available software in android for video editing. It offers all the best possible effects and options to make your video look perfect. It has all the options which are available in in a professional PC video editor. You have to Download it to make the most of it. Thank You! & Stay tuned for more Updates.